Directed by: Peter Guyer, Thomas Burkhalter
Written by: Peter Guyer, Thomas Burkhalter
Producer: Madeleine Corbat, Peter Guyer

Production: Recycled TV AG
Research + Music Supervison: Norient
Distribution Switzerland: Filmbringer Distribution AG
World Sales: Magnetfilm Berlin

Cinematography: Peter Guyer
Editing: Amaury Berger
Location Sound Mix: Balthasar Jucker
Sound Editing + Design: Balthasar Jucker, Thomas Burkhalter
Sound Mixing: Peter Von Siebenthal
Color Grading: Ueli Müller

Exclusive video clips, songs and a spoken word passage by:
Wanlov The Kubolor
Mutombo Da Poet
Poetra Asantewa

With audio samples and tracks by:
Adomaa – “Be Your Own Beautiful”
Air Max '97 – “Reduct”
Akan – “Helebaba”
Ben Aqua – “17 24 Preludes, Op 28- X V I I”
Bit-Tuner – “Flag”
Brendan Dougherty – Tonearm”
CELES7E – “Metal”
Distant Animals – “Pure Drone”
ELO & FOKN Bois – “FOKN Future”
FOKN Bois – “Help America”
Gaspard de La Montagne – “Aube”
Home Listener / Wilted Woman – “It's Easy”
Hüüsmüsig Gehrig – “De Chocher Wisi”
Hyysxl – “Loom”
John Pon(d)scum – “Brux”
Kalab – “Meta 2”
kashev tapes – “the third narcissistic wound”
Lara Sarkissian – “Life After (installation score)”
Simon Grab – “FBSm_green2_2_1010.3”
Simon Grab – “FMSm_red1_1_1029.3”
Simon Grab – “FBSm_black2_3_1027.3”
Smax - “Frank (Ft. Winston Bloom)”
Sote – “Boghze Esfahan

Original Version: English (german subtitles), colour, DCP, 90 min.
ISAN: 0000-0004-966F-0000-J-0000-0000-H